Meet the Team


Jack Renshaw

Education Coordinator

Jack works in DREEAM as our Senior Technician across all the courses that we run. Jack's work is to support our digital strategy in DREEAM to ensure we are always working with the best technology we can use to deliver high standard education and simulations.

Jack started in DREEAM as an apprentice, since then he has completed both level 2 & 3 NVQs in business administration. He has previously attended the SimGhosts conference at St. George’s hospital in London and ASPiH in Belfast to learn more about the technological advances in simulation and how they can be applied to developing the technologies within DREEAM. He is currently working towards a B.A.(Hons) in Management Practice alongside working in DREEAM.

Outside of work Jack enjoys travelling as often as possible and spends his weekends eating out and drinking in bars across Nottingham.