All teams in our Emergency Department must attend all 3 Team Days delivered by DREEAM each year to ensure they are 100% with all role related and mandatory training.

This is part of our agreement with Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust to deliver all mandatory and role related training in house. Our team days will give you the opportunity to learn and train together as an inter-professional, multi-disciplinary team. 

Team Days

There are three different team days being delivered by DREEAM in 2022, to ensure staff are fully competent and signed off with all role relevant and mandatory training.

If you are not booked onto a team day and work in Nottingham’s Emergency Department, please contact us to book your place. The team days will be held in DREEAM, and are being delivered on the Monday of each week.

The first of the three team days covers Level 3 Fire, Manual Handling Level 1, CBRN Training. The first of the three dates have already passed for this year.

    The second group of team days covers Hospital Life Support (HLS), falls prevention and equipment training. They are being held on:

    • 17th August
    • 24th August
    • 31st August
    • 7th September
    • 13th September
    • 22th September (mop-up day)

    The third group of team days covers Infection control Level 2, safeguarding and manual handling. They are being held on:

    • 28th September 
    • 5rd October
    • 13th October
    • 20th October
    • 25th October
    • 31st October
    • 9th November
    • 16th November
    • 22st November
    • 30th November (mop-up day)
    • 7th December (mop-up day)

    Here’s what some of our previous attendees say about the Team days they attended:

    “Very useful session, feel like I have learned a lot.”

    “Great teaching from DREEAM especially the Thomas splint and human factors training (first time I’ve listened in a human factors lecture)!”

     “One of the best study days ever.”