Medical students will be supported by DREEAM during their FFP Junior Medicine attachment with bedside teaching in the Emergency Department


Welcome to your Foundations for Practice (FFP) phase of the clinical course with DREEAM

The whole phase is 53 weeks long in total, comprising of 43 weeks of teaching and clinical placements, 4 weeks examinations and 6 weeks holidays:

  • Introduction to the Clinical Phase and Hub Induction (1 week)
  • Junior Medicine Attachment (6 weeks) 
  • Junior Surgery Attachment (6 weeks)
  • Junior Primary Care Attachment (6 weeks)~
  • Mental Health Attachment (6 weeks)
  • Specialty Skills (ENT, Dermatology & Ophthalmology) Attachment (6 weeks)
  • Examination preparation and assessments period (formative assessment week, revision week, knowledge papers and clinical OSCEs fortnight; 4 weeks in total)
  • Junior Assistantships and SSMs (12 weeks)

There will be 6 weeks of holiday over Easter, Summer and Christmas in addition.

DREEAM will be supporting you during your 6 weeks of Junior Medicine Attachment.

A copy of the timetable should be sent to you by e-mail.