DREEAM designs and delivers research, education and health promotion across a range of acute healthcare settings.

We work closely with clinical practice to support and inspire individuals and teams to deliver innovative  exceptional patient care.

Based in the Emergency Department of Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust - inspiring excellence compassion and innovation in healthcare, understanding this emergency to prevent the next one.

Education is the cornerstone of our work in the department. Our core function is to educate the members of the Emergency Department and teach them the latest innovations and best practices.

Research and audit is an integral part of our responsibility to improve patient care and is also a core component of DREEAM.

Health Improvement through a collaborative and holistic approach will help empower individuals and communities to take action for their own health and wellbeing.

DREEAM runs many educational courses for clinicians working outside Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust. These cover a wide range of clinical skills and cater for many different clinical disciplines.

We utilise both in centre and in-situ simulations to enhance the educational experience. Simulation is a well-recognised modality of healthcare education and is integral to the education programmes that we provide.

This page contain links to internet resources to support education and research.