How do I access your E-Learning platform?

To access our E-Learning platform you need to navigate to the main homepage of the website and scroll down to a button called ‘E-Learning site’. Clicking this will open a new tab in your browser taking you to the 'log in' section of our Moodle site. You should already have login credentials for the course you are attending; if you have not yet received them please contact us.

How much are your courses?

Our courses are competitively priced against other providers to an affordable level for every customer. The prices of our courses reflect the quality of the learning you will receive when attending the course. Each course has a different price to reflect the length of course, facilitation of the course, planning and writing of the course and the equipment you will use during the course.

Where are you based?

DREEAM is located inside Queens Medical Centre, on A-Floor in West Block. The best way to arrive at DREEAM is through West Block but if you come through the QMC main enterence you will have to go down a level using the stairs/lift. For more information on how to find us, click here.

What courses do you offer?

We offer courses to all healthcare professionals including nurses, advanced clinical practitioners, healthcare assistants etc. Our full range of courses can be found here.

We are constantly adding to our portfolio, if you have a suggestion for a course please contact us and let us know.

Be sure to follow our social media accounts so you are notified when we add a new course as this is where we will promote them. You can find links to our socials at the top of the page.

What research trials are currently running?

Information about current research studies can be found here


How do I access research funding?

If you work at Nottingham University Hospitals (NUH) your senior team will be able to help you apply for funding to complete modules with an evidence based focus. Alternatively, you can access research courses via the University of Nottingham or Nottingham Trent University. Further information can be found here.

How to find and book a course

Do you provide proof of course registration for visa purposes?

Upon booking, you will receive a confirmation e-mail to prove you have booked on to the course and on completion of payment, a receipt can also be sent to you on request.

Are courses fully funded for NUH employees?

Depending on your role within the Trust, you may be able to apply for funding. This is something you need to discuss with your Line Manager/Divisional Educational Lead as they have the information you require regarding access to funding pots, availability of departmental budgets and can direct you through the correct application process.

At a last resort, you can self-fund your attendance and pay by card.

Do you provide clinical assessment and sign off within your courses?

We provide you with the theory to start the process, we advise you to seek sign off within your own department so you learn your organisations in-house processes.

If you are struggling to be signed off on your practical assessments with your current employer to become a practitioner, we may be able to help on an ad hoc basis but there would be an additional cost.

Frequent Acronyms

The attached document has some of the most frequent acronyms that you will hear and see on our website and around the clinical setting

If we haven't been able to help answer your question, please contact us.