15th January 2024

DREEAM Visits: Torit Health Science Institute in South Sudan

Location: South Sudan

Andrew Beckham has been facilitated by DREEAM to take part in a Global Health Education knowledge exchange project.

Andrew was invited by the Torit Health Science Institute in South Sudan to tutor on the Diploma in Clinical Medicine and Public Health, training clinical officers to support the South Sudanese healthcare system.

South Sudan was reported last year by the IMF (International Monetary Fund) to be the poorest country in the world, with the highest rates globally of maternal and neonatal mortality, and the lowest proportion of doctors per population. It is heavily reliant upon NGO provision of healthcare due to years of conflict and the resultant damage to infrastructure, economy and development of the country.

The Torit Health Science Institute (ToritHSI.com), though a resource-limited facility, is dedicated to providing excellence in medical education and clinical research, and evidence based patient care, to improve the health of the citizens of South Sudan and beyond.

Andrew will be delivering education in first aid, trauma, emergency care and medical ethics in the spring semester from January to April 2024. The knowledge exchange project will allow Andrew to grow in understanding of global health education and a culturally different healthcare system, bringing this experience and expertise back to NUH and the NHS.

Read more about the project here.

Andrew Beckham in South Sudan