Meet the Team

Leon Wood

Teaching Fellow in Emergency Medicine

Leon is the first Simulation Fellow in DREEAM.

Primarily his role is to develop and facilitate the use of simulation in the Critical Illness Attachment (CIA) of CP3 medical students (5th year medical students).

By utilising the skills of simulated patients and the surrounding clinical technical skills of the team in DREEAM, Leon can guide members of the multidisciplinary team from NUH to deliver Clinical Simulations. These are patient focused, performed in a clinically safe environment and have pre-determined learning outcomes and discussion points to meet the needs of the students.

The Role is new, so he is always looking to evolve and develop the use of simulation to promote a learning platform that ensures psychological safety, whilst providing teaching opportunities for students to practice and develop both practical skills and explore human factors that affect the working in clinical practice.  

Leon qualified as a nurse in 2003 with a diploma in adult nursing and secured his first nursing job on a medical ward in the same year. After 12 months in the post he applied and was successful in getting a job in the Emergency Department (ED) at QMC; throughout the years he has pushed himself to better his career and as such worked up to a band 7 in the emergency department by 2011. The following year he undertook his Masters in Advanced Clinical Practice (ACP), he completed this and qualified as an ACP in the ED in 2016. Since becoming a qualified ACP Leon has worked on various projects in ED and worked with DREEAM as a teaching fellow between 2019 and 2020 working along side the existing fellows to develop the medical student courses within ED. In 2021 he re-joined DREEAM as a simulation fellow and is looking forward to the challenges and variety in his workload that he has to come.

In his spare time he enjoys cycling and going to the Gym to offset my eating habits