Course Overview

The Thoracotomy and Airway Course is designed to provide healthcare providers with the knowledge and skills necessary to perform thoracotomy and manage the airway in emergency situations. This course is typically intended for healthcare providers who work in emergency medicine, critical care, trauma surgery, or related fields.

By completing the Thoracotomy and Airway Course, healthcare providers can improve their ability to manage emergency situations that require thoracotomy and airway management. They can also improve their ability to work collaboratively with other members of the healthcare team to ensure the best possible outcomes for patients. Ultimately, the Thoracotomy and Airway Course is critical for improving patient outcomes, reducing morbidity and mortality rates, and providing high-quality emergency medical care to those in need.

Who will benefit:

Higher Specialty Trainees (East Midlands)


DREEAM, A Floor, West Block, QMC Campus, Derby Road, Nottingham. NG7 2UH

Start and finish times:

08:00 – 16:00 (breaks are built into the course timetable)


Light lunch and refreshments provided.