Improve your confidence in prioritising patient care using a systematic C.A.L.M. approach with the Virtual Patient Bay learning programme

The Virtual Patient Bay is an interactive online supportive course that helps the learner to prioritise patient care using a systematic C.A.L.M approach when caring for a group of patients:

C = can’t wait must be done

A = action as soon as possible

L= Look to do sooner rather than later

M= make time later or handover

There are six scenarios, and with a virtual assistant who will help guide your decision making, you will be able to build your confidence in 5 key areas.

Who will benefit:

This online course is mainly for newly qualified nurses but will also benefit all registered nurses who feel they need further support to improve their confidence when looking after a group of patients.

Course delivered online:

This course is an eLearning course and can be completed on a PC or mobile device.


This course should take approximately 1 hour, excluding the additional self-learning information. Course saves progress.

Course content:

  • Virtual Patient Bay programme
  • Certificate
  • Evaluation

In collaboration with:

Partners Surgery Division and Institute of Care Excellence

**Please note, once purchased the user will only have access to the course for 60 days. After this time the manager that created the booking will need to contact us to acquire a voucher that will allow re-enrolment. This voucher wavers the fee. This is in place to make sure that managers are aware of the delay in course completion.**

Please contact us if you have any queries, or if you wish to discuss a bespoke course to fit your specific needs.