Staff who work within the Emergency Department (ED) generally enjoy working here due to the fact every day is different! However we do have a daily basic timing structure that is followed. You will be expected to arrive at roll call within DREEAM at 0700 ready for your working day therefore you must arrive earlier to place your belongings within the staff room. At roll call you will be allocated to one of the six areas within the emergency department with your practice supervisor or assessor. Your shift will finish at 1930 after you have handed your patients over to the next team. Night shifts begin with roll call at 1900 with roll call and end at 0730.

On day shifts you will be put on a breaks list and will get 1 x 15 minute discretionary breakfast break, 1 x 30 minute lunch break and 1 x 30 minute afternoon break, you will usually go for breaks with your supervisor but speak with them if you have any individual needs/requirements which might mean you need to go at a different time. Night shifts will consist of 2x thirty minute breaks with a discretionary 15 minutes towards the end of the night.

Your break is yours, you are not expected to sit in the staff room or on the staff balcony however you are more than welcome too. No food or hot drink to be consumed on the shop floor and cold drinks must be sealable.