Funding and where to find it

Studying research in a healthcare setting

As a healthcare professional you may be interested in learning more about research. If you work at NUH, your senior team can help you apply for internal or external funding to complete modules on topics such as Evidence in Nursing or other courses with an evidence-based focus.

You can also access modules run by the University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University. Many more courses are now offered online so you can find exactly the course for you and study flexibly.

Why should I consider research?

Short courses in research topics are a great way of developing your clinical knowledge and skills and building your CV whilst remaining in your clinical post. As well as standalone modules you can also apply to complete a degree or a Masters in Research Methods. Through the NUH Charity any member of NUH staff can apply for funding for research training, or even to undertake their own research projects.

It can be complex to get funding for research studies. We recommend starting with a conversation with someone with research experience in NUH (such as our own Research team) or searching university websites to start identifying opportunities.

What other sources are there?

Outside of NUH there are various sources of funding to explore. The RCN Foundation is an independent charity that funds members to access a variety of scholarships, bursaries, and career and development opportunities for Nurses, Midwives and Allied Health Professionals.

Healthcare researchers generally start their research careers by working with others and helping out on existing research studies or programmes. The National Institute for Health Research offers a variety of world-class opportunities to become a career researcher. 

Where do I start?

Find out what research is happening in your department and start asking questions.

Research and development grants can be found in lots of places so if you have a research project in mind, careful searching online can identify numerous opportunities. If you are a nurse, the RCN regularly update their latest research funding opportunities.

Medics can find information on grants from the BMA

If you have any further questions about developing your career as a clinical researcher, or how to access funding for training or clinical research projects, please email our Research Team