Stephen Ojo

Speciality Doctor / Clinical Teaching Fellow

Stephen is an Emergency Department Registrar who draws on his clinical experience to teach and learn using a case-based learning style, simulation-based medical education and clinical skills performance coaching. Stephen leads the technology-enhanced education for undergraduate learning in the emergency department and is also the Immersive Learning Fellow using mixed reality with HoloLens for digital education at DREEAM, Nottingham University Hospitals. 

Stephen also works in DREEAM as a Clinical Teaching Fellow educating undergraduate students of the University of Nottingham Medical School and post-graduate medical education, supervision and Mentoring (RCEM Curriculum) with DREEAM-PMET.

Stephen is excited about the NEPTUNE conference because it is another opportunity for the collaborative sharing of experiences amongst elite professionals across the region and internationally. Stephen feels the National Paediatric conference will bring introduce a novel way of trauma practice and will bring innovation to paediatric trauma practices of the future.