Facilitating Education Course

The course has been highly praised by students, with an average rating of 9 out of 10 for catering to students learning needs. The comments we have received reflect an appreciation for the engaging teaching style, the practical skills gained, and the valuable insights provided. 

"Thoroughly enjoyed the day, great teaching. Developed skills not just as an educator but also for my own learning."

"Delivery from facilitators is always fantastic"

"The presentation skills session was very helpful and useful."

It's evident that the course not only enhances the students’ abilities as educators but also fosters personal growth in their own learning journeys. The facilitators' excellent delivery is recognised, with students acknowledging the effort put into ensuring a fantastic learning experience. The mention of the presentation skills session being particularly beneficial demonstrates the course's focus on providing practical and relevant content. 

Overall, the feedback underpins the course's success in empowering students with valuable knowledge and skills for their educational endeavours.