International Conference of Emergency and Disaster Management

Are you ready! 📣 Exciting! 🚀

🌟 Philip Dykes a renowned expert in Paediatric Emergency Medicine, is set to present the latest trends in this vital field! 🏥

💡 Get ready for an innovative experience as we delve into the world of augmented reality. I'll be demonstrating the incredible potentials of Augmented Reality simulation using the Hololens technology. This is a game-changer for medical training and education! 🕶️

🔍 Discover how AR can transform the way we learn and practice in emergency medicine. This is a unique opportunity to see first-hand the future of healthcare technology.

👀 Join us for this enlightening session and be part of the revolution in medical education.

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Original source: Stephen Ojo | Emergency Medicine Doctor and Tech-Enhanced Education Lead