We develop partnerships to deliver research in Emergency and Critical Care

We are always looking for new partners to expand our research delivery portfolio. You may be a Contract Research Organisation (CRO), an academic researcher with a planned or existing study or a device manufacturer looking to partner with a clinical team to build evidence for your innovation. We have worked with dozens of companies, research teams and other organisations over recent years to deliver high quality research of national and international importance in our hospital.

We would also welcome proposals to evaluate innovative technologies or devices to improve the care of our patients. 

To find out who we have worked with please take a look at the current and completed studies we have helped to deliver. 

We would love to hear from you to begin the process of delivering your study and give our patients in the Emergency and Critical Care departments greater access to new treatments and options for their care. 

Please contact us using EDResearch@nuh.nhs.uk  or through our local R&I Department