Research Studies

Randomized, Embedded, Multifactorial Adaptive Platform trial for Community-Acquired Pneumonia: REMAP-CAP

Start Date
June 2019
End Date
Co-ordinated by
University Medical Center Utrecht
Local PI
Dr Daniel Harvey
Lead Research Practitioner
Amy Clark

Patient’s with Pneumonia or Coronavirus (Covid19) who are admitted to the intensive care unit will be recruited to this trial of multiple treatments for these conditions. Such so called "adaptive" trials can give reliable answers to clinical questions much faster than multiple individual trials could.  They have been used much more frequently during the pandemic to speed up drug research for Covid19.

In this trial the treatments we are looking into are Antibiotics, Macrolides (a different type of antibiotic) and steroids, immunomodulation (usually used for people with Rheumatoid arthritis), Anticoagulation (blood thinners), Vitamin C and Simvastatin. The intention of the study is to look at the condition as a whole rather than one single treatment. This study also found that hydrocortisone (steroid) is helpful for patients with Covid19.