The Emergency Department week is part of the Clinical Phase 1 for medical students on placement at

Nottingham City Hospital and the Queens Medical Centre. 




The CP1 ED handbook is a guide for what to expect during your CP1 rotation.

Please watch the video below. It gives an idea of the Emergency Department prior to some structural changes with COVID and re-structuring of our DREEAM area. We will take you on a tour on your first day with us and will highlight some of these changes. 

NEW!: Please note changes to the ED Layout from 25th March 2021.

Resus ( Redline) will move from Majors back into 'Resuscitation Area'

MU     ( Blue line) will expand to MU1 - MU3 - 30 beds

UTU   ( Yellow Line)  will share space with *HOT* area 

If in doubt, please ask. 

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During this rotation, you will have an opportunity to practice most of what you learned during a simulation session. The sample/Demo Video is available to guide you as to what is expected. 

You may also like to know about simulation in general. A link will be provided to a narrated teaching.


Take Aurally Podcasts

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News and Announcements

  • During your time in Emergency Department, you will have an opportunity to practice your skills during a simulated learning episode ( Titled 'Sim' on your timetable). You will be given a scenario ( a practice case study) and be given an opportunity to 'show' your skill as you would in a clinical environment. It is a safe learning environment and an opportunity to learn from feedbacks received. 
  • CPR session is a useful time to get experience of CPR and Airway management 
CPR session is a useful time to get experience of CPR and Airway management
CPR session is a useful time to get experience of CPR and Airway management 
  • Your teaching sessions are a mix of 'hands-on' practical sessions, clinical teaching and simulations. Pls make efforts to attend all of the sessions. You will gain experience from different groups- pharmacists, senior registrars, senior nurses and consultants. 
Your teaching sessions are 'Hands-On' practical experience and practical skills.
CP1 2021 | CPR Session
  • If you miss any sessions due to unplanned absences or challenges, please come to DREEAM office and speak to us. We can re-arrange your sessions during your week of rotation
If you miss out
Practical Session| Airway Station | CP1 2021 

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